UUAM (formerly known as UFETA, which remains the official name for business purposes) often runs ads in UU World, and we hope to run more ads, ads with varied messages that will challenge all Unitarian Universalists to rethink how animals are treated in our society (click here for samples.). Your donation will be used for this purpose only.

"We acknowledge and affirm the kinship and interdepend­ence of all beings, and adopt an ethic of inter­spe­cies com­passion as an integral com­po­nent of liberal religion."
- UUAM    

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Rev. Beth Johnson
Palomar UU Fellowship
Vista, CA
Email: bethnlil@roadrunner.com

Patrick Tullo
UU Fellowship of Northfield, Minnesota
Email: Pat.Tullo@ExploreVeg.org

Board of Trustees

Jim Sannes
Canadian Liason
Email: sannes@wightman.ca

Rev. LoraKim Joyner, DVM
First Principle Project Facilitator and Reverence for Life Coordinator
Web: http://www.oneearthconservation.org
Email: amoloros@gmail.com

Tiff Bohn
Unitarian Church of Hinsdale
Email: AnimalMinistry@hotmail.com

Mark Causey
Web Liaison
Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Gwinnett (UUCG)
Email: markcausey9@comcast.net

Mike Gruteke
Chapter Liaison and Newsletter Editor
First Universalist Parish of Derby Line, VT
Email: k3brj@comcast.net

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