UUAM (formerly known as UFETA, which remains the official name for business purposes) often runs ads in UU World, and we hope to run more ads, ads with varied messages that will challenge all Unitarian Universalists to rethink how animals are treated in our society (click here for samples.). Your donation will be used for this purpose only.

"We acknowledge and affirm the kinship and interdepend­ence of all beings, and adopt an ethic of inter­spe­cies com­passion as an integral com­po­nent of liberal religion."
- UUAM    

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Unitarian Universalist Animal Ministry
Who are we? UUAM is a group of concerned Unitarian Universalists and UU friends who desire to grow and express their faith as compassion towards all beings. We do this by asking these fundamental religious questions: What does it mean to be human in mixed species communities? What is our response to this understanding?

To answer these questions we draw on our UU principles and sources, traditions, and congregational life to deepen our awareness of the interdependence of life. We then support one another in not just learning how caring for all beings is a moral and religious issue, but also engaging in concrete actions that bring about change on the individual, family, congregational, community, and societal level.

We do this not just for nonhumans, but for ourselves and all of life. For as we live a life of awareness based on our interdependence (UU 7th Principle) and the inherent worth and dignity of all beings (UU 1st Principle) we live fully, deeply, and authentically. As we come to love our neighbors as ourselves, we liberate not just others, but ourselves as well. More...

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The First Principle Project

Don't miss the chance to be part of a new exciting movement in Unitarian Universalism, the First Principle Project. The goal is to address how Unitarian Universalists can promote the well being of individuals of all species. We seek to change the First Principle so that it reads "the inherent worth and dignity of every being." Please be a part of this, contributing so that you will be nourished as together we heal the world. To find out more, to get involved, and get materials for you and your congregation, please read here.

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You Should Know...
We have a new faith development curriculum, called DOVE (Demonstrating Our Values through Eating) for adults or mature youth. Thanks to Jennifer Greene and her team for developing this!

Quote of the Day
"Humans are part of the web of life. What we do to the planet, what we do to other species, and what we do to other people, we end up doing to ourselves." - John Robbins

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